Travel to Catania in Italy

Travel to Catania in Italy and explore the former Royal Palace of Sicily.

Catania, home to the medieval the royal castle of Sicily

Catania's Castello Ursino was completed in 1250 as one of the royal castles of Emperor Frederick II, King of Sicily! Visit this castle and discover a time before modern day Italy was formed when principalities were ruled by sovereign monarchs. This fascinating insight into the Sicilian Vespers where the Royal throne and Sicilian Parliament was domiciled is a must-do when traveling to Catania in Sicily.

Catania Cathedral, Sicily

An 18th-century Baroque architectural masterpiece

The Catania Cathedral is brilliantly framed like a picture as you browse Catania's boutiques and shops. The imposing Baroque façade was built in 1711 and remains intact today. The dome and bell tower are the third largest in Italy after St. Peter's Basilica and Milan Cathedral.

The islands off Catania's coast

Straight out of a movie starring Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck, Catania is home to dozens of islands that make for a wonderful afternoon outing on a boat. Tour the Cyclopean Isles and see the basaltic rocky and sandy beaches along these islands in the Tyrrhenian sea. We highly recommend taking an island excursion when traveling to Sicily.

Mount Etna, Catania

The strikingly beautiful yet ominous Mount Etna is in full view from Catania in Sicily. Located 25 miles away, this active volcano brought buildings to rubble in Catania more than onve. Day trips from Catania to Mount Etna are popular. Longer hikes or views of the craters offer both types of travelers incredible views back over Catania and the surrounding countryside. On your travels to Sicily, a visit to the nearby town of Palermo to see the Byzantine architecture dating back to the 5th-century also makes a perfect day trip.

Enjoy your travels to Catania on a expertly designed vacation of Sicily.

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