Travel to Mykonos in Greece

Travel to Mykonos in Greece and experience summer paradise. Experience hidden beaches, crystal clear waters and tavernas serving freshly grilled seafood. Wind back the clock and relax on the magical island of Mykonos.

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Mykonos, Greece

The warm breeze drifting over the Aegean Sea and the unmistakable whitewashed buildings along the hillsides define Mykonos. The alternating single and double story white exterior of waterfront restaurants set against the small fishing boats are a reminder that Mykonos was a small fishing village long before it became a popular Mediterranean tourist destination.

Dine in Greek Tavernas

Fresh seafood and the local delicacy of Louza pork

A lasting impression for travelers to Mykonos are the restaurants overlooking Chora Bay serving octopus, grilled fish, and local delicacies of Louza pork and sausages. Kopanisti is a very spicy cheese that pairs perfectly with a glass of Rose wine. As you stroll through the narrow alley ways that connect this town, you will be relieved not to find any fast food restaurants, long lines or traffic jams. The site of mules clip-clopping along the distant hills are characteristic of this Greek island.

Relax overlooking the Aegean Sea

Total relaxation on Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for sandy white beaches overlooking the multi-colored Aegean Sea with over 20 shades of blue. A 30-minute taxi ride from the main town of Chora will take you to uncrowded beaches around the island. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are two of the most famous party beaches in Greece. Mykonos measures only 9 miles long and 6 miles wide, making the many beaches very accessible. While adventurous travelers to Mykonos enjoy riding motor scooters around the island, taxis are plentiful and drivers are very friendly.

Travelers delight in enjoying the many ways to travel through Greece so extend your adventure and see more of this amazing country.

Stroll through villages of Mykonos

Iconic blue domes adorning the hillsides, pebbled pathways, and colorful flowers falling down from balconies are just a few of the gorgeous streetscapes in Mykonos. As you wander through the pathways of Mykonos, the laid-back atmosphere will remind you of life the Greeks have been living for thousands of years. When the sun goes down, Mykonos has a vibrant nightlife for party goers seeking the latest dance music played in beach side bars.

Enjoy your travels to Mykonos in Greece and enjoy a summer of paradise.

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