Travel to Notting Hill in London

Travel to Notting Hill, the fashionable district of London's famous Portobello Road markets. Search for unique home accessories, watch people from trendy restaurants, and enjoy local hospitality at authentic English pubs.

Notting Hill, London

Almost mandatory viewing before traveling to London and visiting Notting Hill is watching the movie called Notting Hill (if you haven’t already seen it) starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The village life of Notting Hill with its semi-detached terrace houses and tree-lined streets with pubs, restaurants, and hip boutiques makes Notting Hill the perfect weekend location.

Portobello Road Markets, Notting Hill

A collector's dream come true

Saunter through the famous Portobello Road markets on Saturday, seeking out everything English from freshly bakes scones, hand-made crafts, old books, and antiques. A walk down Notting Hill’s Portobello Road is an iconic London experience. This market street becomes crowded in the late mornings after 11am so best to get there early and enjoy a leisurely stroll. If you are a bread lover, be sure to stop in at Gail’s Artisian Bakery which you’ll find at 138 Portobello Road, Notting Hill. There are over 30 types of freshly baked bread served at this bakery and certainly made Gail’s a favorite among Londoners and visitors holidaying in London.

Fish 'n' Chips in a London Pub

Enjoy an authentic British meal

Tired and hungry from all the walking? There are many pubs in Notting Hill to choose from, yet one of our favorite Notting Hill pubs is the Walmer Castle on Ledbury Road, a 5 minute walk from Portobello Road. In addition to traditional fish ‘n chips or bangers and mash (which is sausage and potatoes), the Walmer Castle is a favorite frequented by the Notting Hill locals. That’s an inside tip from one of our colleagues here at Great Value Vacations. .

The splendor of Hyde Park

Although most of the parks are private and locked, you may find some of the gates open to the gardens around Notting Hill. Buy some local fresh produce sold in the market stalls along Portobello Road and enjoy the village life in the middle of London. Notting Hill has the charm of a countryside village and can sometimes be so quiet you'll forget you're in the middle of the London metropolis. In Notting Hill, you are only a short stroll to London's Hyde Park. Enjoy these magnificent gardens, Kensington Palace and this remarkable statute of Queen Victoria. "Simply marvelous" as the British would say.

Enjoy your travels to Notting Hill on a trip to London's most fashionable area.

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