Travel to Panama City

Experience a Latin America resort and rainforest retreat, all in a short weekend or long getaway in Panama.

Panama City, Panama

Panama offers some of Latin America’s most picturesque resorts. By the beach or in Panama City, Panama is the perfect getaway for a 4 day weekend or short vacation break. Whether you are shopping, dining or sightseeing in Panama, you will feel the zen like atmosphere as the lush green rainforests and mountains are always in sight. As you walk the layback streets, the warm salty smell of the Pacific ocean wafts in the breeze as you see this magical city on foot or via the 48-Hour Hop-on/Hop-off Bus Tour.

Dance the night away in Panama City

Enjoy the Latin American jazz music scene

Bring a jacket, evening dress (and even dancing shoes) as Panama City is filled with local live music venues. You can enjoy traditional reggae and Spanish reggae jazz, blues, salsa dance and musical performances. Panama has the influence of the Bahama’s to the north and while 75 per cent of the country speaks Spanish there is a healthy mix of ethnicity to ensure the music is a special mix of Latino. Check the local entertain guides for the latest music venues when you arrive in Panama City.

Spanish influenced Panamanian Architecture

Walk the city of music and enjoy local cafe life

Panama City is wonderful to walk around. The old architecture and streets are filled with vitality of locals living their lives. Without the crowds of the European cities, Panama City offers a mix of old world Latin American church buildings mixed with the modernity of the 21st Century.

Panama Canal, Panama

Why not explore Panama with a trip to the Panama Canal to round off those school history lesson. This artificial 48 mile waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean is one of the world's largest infrastructure projects. Learn about the phenomenal engineering accomplishments of those who built the Panama Canal and how the global shipping industry changed due to the Panama Canal. It's a fascinating story of human ingenuity.

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