Travel to Phuket in Thailand

Travel to Phuket in Thailand and enjoy a rainforest beach paradise

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Pristine Beaches Among Rainforests

Travelers to Phuket instantly relax as they hear the ambient sounds of waterfalls trickling and waves crashing. Unwind on the sparsely populated beach, where palm trees shade lounge chairs and create the idyllic paradise in Southern Thailand. Phuket is a naturally beautiful paradise of crystal clear waters that stretch along the coastline, as rainforests loom in the background.

Crystal Clear Waters of Phuket

Travel by motorized wooden boats to islands

Stand up paddle boards, rubber tubing behind speedboats, kayaking around rocky islands cliffs, or traveling to nearby islands on motorized wooden boats - these are all available water activities in Phuket! Enjoy local meals and drinks at beach shack restaurants around Phuket. With beach campfires often hosting groups of travelers enjoying celebrations on the beach, you can always find a party in Bangla Road in Pukhet.

The Elephants of Thailand

As important as the American bald eagle to the United States of America, the Thai Elephant is the country's national animal and has significant cultural meaning. For centuries, elephants have carried Siam Royalty and have been an integral part of the agricultural economy of Thailand. Today, the Thai elephant numbers less than 5,000 down from 100,000 in the 1900s. They now remain sovereign to Thailand's government.

Wat Chalong Temple, Thailand

The holiest Buddhist temple in Phuket

The Pagoda of Wat Chalong is the most important of the 29 buddhist temples of Phuket, and is well worth visiting for further understanding of how deeply entwined Buddhism is with Thailand. It is always important to dress appropriately with a shirt, remove sandals or shoes, and it is not customary to pay an entrance fee.

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