Travel to Reykjavik in Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

We want you to enjoy great experiences! Iceland Vacations can be too short, especially the 3 nights vacation package to Iceland. There are some must-sees and must-dos when you are visiting Iceland. First, coffee! Fortunately, Reykjavik has a wide array of cafes with European and American coffee choices. From regular drip coffee to European barrista’s in cafes, you’ll be able to find a downtown cafe without walking miles. Stylish cafes are dotted throughout Reykjavik within a short stroll from your hotel.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Bathe at the top of the world.

A must-visit on your vacation to Reykjavik in Iceland is the awe inspiring Blue Lagoon, the geothermal spa made famous by its milky blue shade. What a wonderful way to enjoy a soothing relaxing vacation from the stresses of work! After your plunge, you can explore Old Reykjavik. What better way to experience life in earlier times of Iceland than at the Árbæjarsafn historical museum. Experience what it was like in the daily lives of the early Icelandic people and how they lived.

Iceland's Geothermal Geysers

The Icelandic Geysers are the ultimate backdrop for the selfie to post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so your family and friends back home will like, retweet, and comment it. These hot springs can't be bathed in! Temperatures reach 125 degree's Celcius, yet are an incredible sight and perfect for that ultimate Iceland selfie.

Fresh Icelandic Seafood

Fish for Dinner? After an adventurous day braving the Icelandic elements, dine on a traditional fish dinner. No vacation to Iceland is complete without a dinner of fresh fish. Choose from the local delicacies of minke whale, catfish, shark meat (Iceland’s infamous rotted-fish signature dish) or eat at one of the more casual fish and chips eateries. The fresh snap of the freshly caught Icelandic fish will leave a memorable taste in your mouth longer after you’ve left this pristine island.

Interested in knowing more about this fascinating country. You will fly into Reykjavik so lets start by read our travel editor's recommended travel guide to Reykjavik for more tips and ideas.

Enjoy your travels to Reykjavik and natural beauty of Iceland.

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