Travel to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Travel to Iceland and experience the 50 Shades of Blue. This geothermal hot water experience will immerse you forever with magical memories. Explore ice caves and underground colors of blue ice that will amaze you.

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Travel Tips to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Looking for travel tips when visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? The Blue Lagoon is only 25 miles from Reykjavík, which if you’ve been reading through our vacation packages is the pristine capital of Iceland. This close proximity of the Blue Lagoon makes this an ideal tourist destination on your vacation to Iceland. Our vacations also provide the option of transport from your flight, which arrives early in the morning, to the Blue Lagoon prior to check in at your hotel!
As you’re pondering and planning your Iceland tour, remember to check the Blue Lagoon opening hours are currently 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week. When you arrive, you can check in at reception. We recommend you book your Blue Lagoon when selecting your Iceland vacation package as the popularity can lead to wait time at the reception area. Be sure to ask about the premium package which includes bathrobes and towels.

Does Iceland's Blue Lagoon have healing powers?

Cake Icelandic mud on your face

It is the silicate minerals which cause the water to color into this velvet blue and once submerged in the warm water. It is blissfully spectacular to watch the steam rise off the water against the backdrop of mountains and Atlantic open skies. If there is snow on the mountains, your visual senses will be overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of Iceland. The water temperature is a sumptuous 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40C) and over the past 35 years, it has been widely speculated that Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has healing powers. While this is yet to be scientifically proven, the water is renewed every two days as it streams in from the nearby geothermal power plant.
A keen eye will also notice from photographs of the Blue Lagoon, that many people cake a mask onto their face. The substance is a natural light colored mud which comes from the lava field in which the Blue Lagoon is located. That’s right, people scoop it up with their hands!

Incredible Iceland Icebergs and Mountains

Experience 50 shades of blue

Iceland's remote northern proximity to the Artic circle offers a wonderful array of blue shades in the sea waters, icebergs, mountain ranges, lagoons, geyers and underground caves. The reflections of light mirrored through ice and snow provides a blue kaleidoscope that will leave you breathless with amazement.

Visit the Iceland's Internal Blue Caves

So much of Iceland's magic is underground in the caves. The mystical waters that entrance those adventurers who travel underground to a new world leaves surrounds your senses. Be sure to bring your camera and capture the blue shades in the water and lava tubes.

Enjoy your travels to Iceland and the blue world of this magical world of ice.

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