Travel to the Northern Lights in Iceland

Enjoy a Kaleidoscope of Colors when visiting the Northern Lights in Iceland. This cosmic light display shows the beauty of our universe.

Green & Blue Northern Lights, Iceland

How many colors will you see in the Northern lights?

On your travels to Iceland, you'll notice that the Northern Lights have a vast array of constantly changing colors. They can differ by the minute! The incredible shades of greens and blues against a backdrop of stars and clouds change color as the winds and temperatures vary. It's simply breathtaking to witness.

Purple & Yellow Northern Lights

Learn about the why Northern Lights differ

For the more science-orientated travelers in Iceland, the Northern Lights change color to shades of yellow when nitrogen collides. Gas particles cause variations in color so be sure to ask your guide more on this topic.

Lime Green Northern Lights in Iceland

At Great Value Vacations, our favorite color of the Northern Lights is the lime green. Perhaps it is because of our love for our green planet. Set against the night sky, the green aurora colors create a magical green reflection off the ice and snow. So good you want to taste it!

Rays of Northern Lights

A clear night of shining stars provide an incredible two-tone effect when viewing the Northern Lights. As the winds move across the night sky, the Aurora creates ray like beams that are reflections from the stars. You'll have to be lucky to see this effect as it requires the stars to align!

Enjoy your travels to Iceland and amazing colors of the Northern Lights.

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