Travel to Venice in Italy

The first time travelers to Venice cast their eyes on the Grand Canal, their senses fill with overwhelming astonishment and joy. Get ready to explore this wonderful set of Venetian islands in the Adriatic Sea, either by foot or boat.

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Piazza San Marco

The main tourist destination in Venice.

Most travelers to Venice arrive at Piazza San Marco by water taxi or ferry. Admire the brilliance of the white limestone and pink marble on the walls of the Doge's Palace, where Venetian rulers resided for 1,000 years until 1789. You can spend hours marveling at the silhouette of Venetian marble buildings, meandering through narrow laneways filed with small boats ferrying goods, and watching gondolas with tourists taking photographs.

Rialto Bridge

Watch the gondolas gliding along the Grand Canal.

A vista for thousands of artists each year, the Venetian city dates back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Most travelers to Venice enjoy riding the gondolas around the Venice waterways, taking photographs of the 500 year old Rialto Bridge, drinking coffee around St. Mark's Basilica and visiting the many museums around Venice.

Regions of Venice

Visit Cannaregio, San Polo & Dorsoduro.

As the main district of San Marco becomes more popular, travelers are being drawn to different regions of Venice such as Cannaregio, San Polo or Dorsoduro. This is where most of the 250,000 Venetians call home and where you can experience local cafes, restaurants, and shops. Don’t be afraid to venture into some of these wonderful districts. A one hour walk or short ferry ride up and down the Grand Canal can whisk you into a new part of Venice. As you walk around Venice, stop in at a local grocer and buy mandarin oranges, grapes and other delicious fruits, cheeses and Venetian cured meats.

The Islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello

Cluster of islands surrounding the medieval city of Venice.

Before you leave, take a short boat ride from San Marco to the island of Murano where you can see the colorful decorative glassware blown and crafted by hand. On the island of Torcello you can visit Venice's first cathedral. Complete this day-trip with a stop on Burano and do a little shopping for handcrafted lace, the island’s specialty.

Following your travels to Venice, there are various other nearby Italian towns to visit. A 30-minute train ride from Venice will have you in the picturesque canals of Treviso. If you are traveling south to Rome, you should also visit the town of Verona where Shakesperare set his famous play, "Romeo & Juliet." As you travel south to Tuscany, the wonderful Renaissance inspired sculptures in nearby Florence awaits your continued vacation in Italy.

By the late 13th century, Venice was the most prosperous city in all of Europe. During your travels to Venice today, experience all of the glory of this floating city.

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