Ways to Visit Ireland

By Amanda Little

The best way to move through Irish cities is walking. Sure, a car is nice, but busy cities like Dublin usually have their streets packed and bustling, and finding a place to actually park your car once you’ve arrived at your destination is just short of nightmarish.


You can rent bikes for trips through Dublin at any one of the bike stations placed throughout the city center. With over 100 stations, it’s hard to miss and pretty cheap too. For a little over $5, you can get a pass that lets you take unlimited journeys over the course of the next three days. However, you’ll want to be sure to return the bike within 30 minutes, or you’ll be charged a service fee for the amount of time you run over. This is also quite popular among locals as well, so you may find the bike stations barren during rush hour. For longer journeys, you can also rent a bike for hours, days, or even weeks for varying prices.


For short trips within the city, you can catch a Luas. It’s a small tram that has two lines and runs up and down the city. From a Luas station, you can find trains, busses, and bikes to further your travel reach.

Dublin Area Rapid Transit

If you’re going a bit further than the Dublin city limit, you should absolutely catch a DART. With quick and reliable transportation to anywhere from Belfast to Cork, this option comes at a little bit of a higher price. However, nothing beats rolling calmly through the Irish countryside as you travel


A car anywhere is very easily the most reliable and readily available option. Renting a car might outweigh public transport in price, but if you’re traveling for extended periods of time very far, then a car might be your best option. If you’re looking for the authentic experience of roaming through the Irish countryside, no other mode of transportation will fulfill that need. Having a car also provides a much larger frame of freedom and flexibility during your stay.

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