What is Casa de Campo Known For?

By Dana Perkiss

Found on the sunny southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo opened almost 50 years ago and boasts dazzling beaches, renowned golf courses, various celebrity-stays, and was even partially designed by Dominican designer Oscar de La Renta. If you want to learn more about what Casa de Campo is known for, look no further – this is your short guide to Casa de Campo!

Golf Courses

Casa de Campo proudly holds the #1 rated golf course in all of the Caribbean and #27 in the entire world – Teeth of the Dog. It opened in 1971 and has 18 beautiful holes, with seven being found right along the colorful coral formations of the Caribbean Sea. This course is rightfully on every golfer’s bucket list, and well-worth the experience!

There is also the Dye Fore golf course, which opened in 2002 and has 27 holes. Showcasing spectacular views of the Dominican mountains, the Chavón River, and more, this golf course is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Last, but certainly not least, is The Links golf course! Opening in 2012, this course is similar to a traditional course of the British Isles, with 18 holes weaving through Casa de Campo.

Celebrities that have stayed at Casa de Campo

Did you know that Casa de Campo is a popular celebrity hot spot, with some of your favorite stars having stayed there? Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, and Beyoncé are just a few of the big names that have stayed at this luxurious resort – so you might spot your celebrity crush during your vacation in Casa de Campo!

Stunning Beaches

Casa de Campo has three pristine beaches, but its pride and joy is Minitas Beach. Imagine: gentle waves sparkling in the sunlight with hints of crystal and turquoise, warm white sand swishing through your toes, and swaying palm trees looming over you. Whether you want to lounge back to soak up the sun or get your adrenaline pumping with some paddle boarding, kayaking, or more, there is nothing quite like Casa de Campo beaches.

Unlimited Things to do in Casa de Campo

Have you ever wanted to go deep-sea fishing in the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea? How about taking English or Western-style horseback riding lessons? Whether you want to indulge in unlimited aquatic activities, train with professionals from Real Madrid Soccer, or try your hands at a wild shooting facility, there is no shortage of amazing things to do in Casa de Campo!

What’s the Weather in Casa de Campo?

Located on the coastal city of La Romana, Casa de Campo is known for being hot! The weather doesn’t vary much, ranging between 70°F and 90° all year. Rainy season typically lasts from May until the beginning of December, while the drier season lasts from December to the end of April. Thankfully, the various beautiful beaches make it easy to cool down with a quick swim!


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