How to Vacation in Spain: Festivals, Foods, and Fantastic Places

By Michelle Yastremsky

There's so much to experience in Spain, you'll need a siesta!

Spend days exploring whimsical wonders, then evenings devouring tapas and dancing the night away at a flamenco social club - the soul of Spain is waiting to sweep you off your feet.

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What to Eat in Spain

Eat tapas - every day, in every city.

But don't forget to try the local specialties and ask the locals for their ideas on local tapas bars!

Like Jamón ibérico in the south.

Or Paella in Barcelona.

Or of course you can’t forget the most famous dessert in Madrid, churros con chocolate.

And if you're traveling through Spain's stunning north, make pintxos a priority.

Don’t forget something to drink it down with! Sprinkled throughout Spain you'll find several wine regions; try the rosés of La Rioja, the reds of Priorat, and of course, the sherry wines of Xeres.

What to See in Spain

From psychedelic cathedrals to palaces built for a (Moorish) king.

Some of the world's most whimsical, eclectic, and mesmerizing works of man-made art call Spain home.

Religious Buildings

Spain's vibrant art history mixed with its history of Christian, Jewish, and Arabic influence has left a lasting impression on the city's architecture.

The amazing Sagrada Familia, over 150 years in the works.

Seville Cathedral, the world's largest Gothic cathedral.

A former mosque from the Moorish times, now used as a cathedral.


From national parks to city staples, Spain’s parks are for so much more than just unwinding.

Take the scenic route at Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

Or explore the vibrantly colored houses in Park Güell (after you check out the other Antoni Gaudi works in Barcelona, of course).

Madrid's Retiro Park even houses a crystal palace/ greenhouse hybrid!

Plazas & Squares

No visit to the cities of Spain is complete without a visit to the main square.

See street performers at Madrid's lively Puerta del Sol.

Or enjoy a boat ride at Seville's breathtaking Plaza de España.

Royal Residences

Get a taste of royalty by touring one of Spain's many palaces fit for a king.

Get lost in the grandeur of the Alhambra, a palace fortress which dominates the skyline of Granada.

Or walk through the gardens of Seville's famous Alcazar (also a Game of Thrones filming location!).

What to do in Spain

From tomato-throwing festivals to flamenco.

Follow the path of Picasso's youth, or dance the night away at a flamenco social club, a vacation in Spain is truly one-of-a-kind.

See a flamenco show

What better place to see flamenco than in Seville, its rumored birthplace? Catch a traditional show or head to a Peña, or flamenco social club, where guests are invited at the end to hop on stage and join in on the fun!

Follow in art's footsteps

Why simply visit museums when you can visit hometowns and real-life inspirations?

Trace the path of Picasso's youth, then finish the day at the Picasso Museum in his birthplace of Malaga.

View of Toledo is one of two surviving landscapes painted by El Greco. See landscape that inspired it all, and explore the city El Greco adopted as home!

Or visit Dali's hometown of Figueres, Spain, before continuing onto the famous Dali Museum - the famous artist is buried here in the crypts below.

Go to a festival

Spain's Tomatina is held annually on the last Wednesday of August, in the town of Bunol.

Enjoy a ride on a horse-drawn carriage

Hop on and enjoy a romantic ride through the streets, squares, or parks!

Shop vibrant markets

From Granada's colorful La Alcaiceria Market to Barcelona's La Boqueria, a walk through the markets and bazaars of Spain the markets of Spain is an adventure for all five senses.

Do absolutely nothing

The rhythm of Spain is a leisurely one - experience it for yourself by whiling away the day, listening to the sounds of passerbys in the squares and Spanish guitar on the streets.

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