Canadian Slang Words You Need To Know

By Kenya Barrett

Canada is a wondrous place filled with scenic views, bacon, and everyone’s fair share of maple syrup. However, Canadians have always been a unique bunch due to their interesting choice of words.

Here are some Canadian slang words that every visitor should know:


Similar to the American words, “huh” and “right,” eh is used in regular conversation to express a question, surprise, or agreement.

Example: “You want to visit Banff, eh?”

Toonie (Loonie)

Originally, the Loonie was a name for the Canadian one-dollar coin — named after the Canadian loon bird. “Toonie” is a portmanteau of the words “two” and “loonie.” The toonie is another word for the Canadian one-dollar (or two-dollar) coin.


Canadian slang for the popular donut and coffee shop, Tim Hortons.


Another way to express distance, usually in kilometers.

Example: “The Starbucks is only seven clicks away.”


A name for a flask sized bottle of liquor.


Another term for a cigarette.


Canadians often use this word when referring to a beanie type of hat that is usually worn in the winter.


A person from Canada who travels south to avoid the cold winters.


A nickname for Canadians. Also known as the name of the professional ice hockey team, “The Vancouver Canucks.”


Canadians often use this term when ordering a coffee with two creams and two sugars.

Fill Yer Boots

A welcoming term that Canadians use to express to guests to “make yourself comfortable,” or “make yourself at home.”


A popular insult, Canadians often use this when referring to an idiotic or stupid person.

Example: “Look at these hosers holding up traffic.”

The 6ix

Popularized by rap icon, Drake, The 6ix refers to the city of Toronto. The nickname pays homage to the six boroughs of the city.


This term refers to a case of 24 beers.

Example: “I’m headed to the store to pick up a two-four of Budweiser.”


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