Country Dreams: Spain

By Michelle Yastremsky

The soul of España has been immortalized in music, dance, and even literature. Prepare for your trip to Spain by doing some well-worth-it listening, watching, and reading.
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Music of Spain


The rhythm, the soul, the beauty..there is no art form more iconic in Spain than Flamenco. There is always a dancer, usually accompanied by Spanish guitar, or sometimes simply accompanied by a singer. Visit a flamenco club or head to the main squares of Spain’s cities to see this performance unfold before your eyes.

Spanish guitar

The melodies played by of Spanish guitar are sure to entrance. Wether accompanied by a Flamenco dancer or simply solo, let the sounds of the Spanish guitar whisk you away.

Enrique Inglesias

No list of Spanish music would be complete without mention of Spain’s most internationally-famous musician! Madrid-born Enrique Inglesias has been crowned the “King of Latin Pop,” has dominated the airwaves, experimented with acting, and has been an active

Regional Sounds

While flamenco can be found all over Spain, its real home is in the Andalucia region. In fact, most regions of Spain have developed their own iconic musical stylings. In Aragon you’ll find instruments of the Jota family prevalent, while the music of Galicia favors bagpipes. Don’t be surprised if you hear accordions in the Basque Country or brass bands in Valencia.

Movies & More

Hollywood Hits

From Indiana Jones to Doctor Zhivago to Lawrence of Arabia, Spain’s highlights have appeared in many of Hollywood’s biggest hits throughout the decades.

TV Shows

The wonders of Spain have made the perfect backdrop for some of television’s most popular shows and series. Game of Thrones fans might recognize the alcazar of Seville as the Water Gardens of Dorne, the Navare desert as the Dothraki sea, and Girona as the free city of Braavos. Other tv shows with scenes filmed in Spain include Dr. Who, Emerald City, and Netflix’s original series, Bambu.

Books of Spain

Don Quixote

This novel following the chivalrous Alfonso Quixono is considered one of the most influential books written during the Spanish Golden Age. It has been developed into movies and plays throughout the years.

Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past

It would be hard to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Spain’s food and architecture without first understanding the history. From the time of Roman rule to periods of Moorish settlements, get a better understanding of the development of this vibrant country by brushing up on some Spanish history.

A Late Dinner: Discovering the Food of Spain

Make your way through the mountains to the coast of spain through your stomach! Author Paul RIchardson sets the scene (and table) with his description of landscapes, traditions, and of course - food.

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