Fall in Canada: A Few Activities You Need to Experience

By Kenya Barrett

Travelers, the Fall season is upon us. The temperatures are chilling down and the weather brings an array of cozy activities for family and friends to participate in. Looking for some ideas to kick off the Autumn season? Here are some “must-do” activities in Canada during the Fall.

Corn Mazes

A beloved activity for many, corn mazes continue to be a traditional fall attraction even for those who live in Canada. Most of the provinces offer a decent selection of mazes for visitors to explore during this beautiful season.

In British Columbia, there’s the Chilliwack Corn Maze, Merry Farms Corn Maze, and the Applewood Farm Winery. On Prince Edward Island, you can check out the Fortune Bridge Farms & Toby’s Farm Market, Compton’s Berry Batch, and Chuckwagon Farm Market. Others include the Edmonton Corn Maze, the Calgary Corn Maze (both located in Alberta), A Maze in Corn located in Manitoba, and the River Breeze in Nova Scotia.

Observing Fall Foliage

During the fall season, people often get to experience some of the most beautiful foliage that Canada has to offer. During this beautiful time of the year, leaves on the trees begin to turn a vibrant orange-auburn color before they fall onto the ground. What better way to experience this magnificent season than walking through the leaves themselves throughout some of Canada’s many forests?

If you're wondering where to go, Western Canada is home to many diverse and unique forests. Some of our favorites are the Alberta Mountain forests, Manitoba’s Elk Glen and Ontario’s Valley Forest. Prince Island’s Park and Glenmore Reservoir - both located in Calgary - offer some beautiful views also. Lastly, for those who want to adventure while experiencing the foliage, you can visit Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario to bike along the trails or canoeing/fishing at the Nopiming Provincial Park in Manitoba.

Bird Watching

Canada is a large country with a vast amount of species - namely, birds. As you can imagine, bird-watching has become a popular activity for tourists and locals alike.There are several destinations throughout the country where travellers can enjoy watching the birds flock in their natural habitat.

Fundy National Park in New Brunswick alone is home to over 260 species of birds which includes the famed warblers. The Georgian Bay Islands National Park in Ontario houses a unique group of songbirds, while the Forillon National Park is home to a number of seabirds including the razorbill, black guillemot, and the great black-backed gull, among others.

Apple Picking

The Autumn season is usually the best time to harvest apples. If you’re visiting British Columbia, you can check out the Willow View Farms or the Taves Family Farm - both are located in Abbotsford. For those traveling to Ontario, you can also stop by the Apple Orchard Inc., The Downey’s Strawberry Apple Farm, or the Albion Orchards. Other farms in Canada include Quinn Farm in Quebec and Petrofka Orchard in Saskatchewan.

Pumpkin Picking

Another popular fall activity is pumpkin picking, and luckily, there are numerous pumpkin patches in operation during the season. In the Alberta province, travelers can visit the Kraay Family Farm, The Jungle Farm, and the Butterfield Acres, just to name a few. Other pumpkin patch locations include Strom’s Farm & Bakery in Ontario, Verger Labonte in Quebec, Happy Hollow in Saskatchewan, and Schwabe Pumpkins in Manitoba.


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