Life Mirroring Art: Inside Gaudí’s Barcelona

The breathtaking Sagrada Familia. The whimsical Park Güell. The surreal Casa Mila. Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s works are eclectic, spectacular, and nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

From wine cellars to cathedrals, Gaudí’s individualistic style shines through in every one of his masterpieces. Which will you visit first?

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Park Güell • Barcelona, Spain

Originally planned as a commercial housing site, now a UNESCO World Heritage park.

Reaching the entrance of this whimsical park requires a bit of a hike uphill. Your patience and energy will be rewarded with one of the most picturesque views of the city while enveloped in a sea of colors ranging from teal to orange. Keep in mind while this park is open to the public, many of the highlights require a purchased ticket to explore.

Sagrada Familia • Barcelona, Spain

Over 100 years in the making.

It’s time to book a trip to Barcelona because Gaudí’s magnum opus, the Sagrada Familia has finally received an expected completion date! Estimated to be completed around 2026, a century after the death of its famed designer, this Gothic-Art Noveau hybrid basilica is a sight to behold. Waiting times to enter this larger-than-life masterpiece can be up to 3 hours during peak times, so be sure to reserve a time slot online!

Casa Mila ‘La Pedrera’ • Barcelona, Spain

Gaudí’s last civil work.

With its curved and imposing exterior, it’s impossible to ignore this eclectic building on the block. Don’t leave the site without paying a visit to the roof, where you can explore the building’s surreal soldier-like chimneys.

Casa Batllo • Barcelona, Spain

Skulls, bones, and coral reefs.

Upon first glance, it’s the vibrant colors - inspired by the coral reefs of the sea - that catch the eye of the passerby. Further inspection reveals details reflecting skulls and bones; the “skulls” are the balcony of the building and the “bones” the pillars holding it up. In the case of this luxury dwelling, it truly is all in the details!

Church of Colonia Güell • Barcelona, Spain

An unfinished beauty.

Commissioned as a place of worship for nearby manufacturing suburb, work on this church was halted, with only the crypt making it to completion. Visitors can explore this work-in-progress and stand on what would have been the church floor, now namely serving as the crypt ceiling.

Casa Vicens • Barcelona, Spain

Also known as “the house where it all began.”

In 2017, Gaudí’s first commission post-degree will be open to the public. Be one of the first to explore the inner workings of this psychedelic architect’s mind with a tour through one of his first erected masterpieces!

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