8 Hidden Gems in Colombia

By Soren Rivero

Colombia is one of the world’s most spectacular places to visit. It’s a country that boasts some especially beautiful landscapes as well as unique species that you can’t see anywhere else.

If you’re looking for some of the country’s most unique spots, here are 8 hidden gems in Colombia you must see!

The Bogotà Hike to La Calera

The many high-altitude hills and mountains throughout Colombia makes it super ideal for cycling. Some locations are more beginner-friendly, while others provide a challenge for even the most adventurous and experienced cyclists.

A good middleground is the climb from Bogota to La Calera. It’s a short-distance ride but challenging nonetheless. There’s plenty of space for multiple adventurers as well as some stopping points along the way. For those feeling extra adventurous, you can take another 30 mile trip to the neighboring town of Tocancipa.

La Guajira

La Guajira is an interesting place in Colombia, as it’s one of the country’s only deserts. But what makes this area so much more special is the bright blue ocean located on the edge of the sand dunes.

Tourists can hike the local cliffs, bask in the golden sand dunes, and even take a dip in the ocean once the sun sets.


Just under 40 miles from Colombia’s capital of Bogotà is the historically-rich city of Suesca. Suesca is known for its many unique traits, such as its connection to indigenous cultures. The pre-colonial civilization of Muisca would meet at lake Suesca to perform rituals, some of which included sacrifices and decapitations.

Suesca is also the birthplace of rock-climbing in Colombia. If the hikes from La Guajira earlier weren’t enough to satisfy your desire to be outdoors — take some time to rock climb! Want to get a little wet? Suesca is great for a variety of extreme sports activitiess such as white-water rafting. The violent rivers and steep mountains will surely give adventurers a boost of adrenaline!


One of Colombia’s most Southern area's is the Amazonas. The capital of this department is Leticia, which is easily accessible by plane. From there, you can take a jungle or river expedition into the heart of the Amazonas’ wilderness. You’ll see plenty of unique animal and plant species, as well as learn about indigenous culture.


Chocó is located near the Panama-Colombia border and is a region that can’t be accessed by road. The only way to get there is by plane or boat!

As for what there is to do, visitors can take a dip in the many crystal clear oceans located at this beautiful beach-village. The coral reef here is well preserved, which makes it perfect for diving.


Known as “the Land of Beautiful Women”, Antioquia is one of the wealthiest departments in all of Colombia. It’s located in the Western half of Colombia and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea.

There’s plenty to do in Antioquia, with each part of the region offering something different. You can venture through the tall mountains that scatter the area (where tons of coffee beans are grown each year), take a trip to Medellín, the country’s second most important city, then finish your trip by spending some peaceful time in Nutibara Hill, known as the city’s “breathing area.”

Gorgona Island

Gorgona Island was used as a high-security prison for some of the country’s most dangerous criminals back in 1950. The officials thought that the vast amount of poisonous snakes and other harmful creatures would be more than enough to defer prisoners from escaping.

The prison closed in 1984, and the island is now a National Park where visitors can study the history of the island and view the peculiar wildlife. Be prepared to bring mud boots if you decide to go!


Florencia is located at the bottom of the Andes mountain range and has a population of about 160,000 people. It acts as a sort of barrier between the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest, which gives tourists plenty of opportunity to visit either.

The town is home to Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, one of the most popular and mesmerizing cathedrals in all of South America. Be sure to visit this stunning cathedral, as well as the other hidden gems on your next trip to Colombia!


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