Highest Places on Earth We'd Recommend

By Amanda Little

Some people travel for food, some for architecture, and some travel to get high. Very high. Check out the best places around the world to get as high as you possibly can.

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Bloukrans Bridge • South Africa

Start your search for the highest activity in life on the edge, and over it. Take a flying leap off the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa towards a 708 feet drop to the Bloukrans River. The ride is anything but mellow, but adrenaline enthusiasts will likely find satisfaction in checking the tallest commercial bungee jumping attraction in the world off their bucket list.

CN Tower • Canada

On a visit to the CN Tower, guests can look straight down through just two-and-a-half inches of glass to the city of Toronto, 1,122 feet below. The glass is perfectly safe, said to be able to withstand the weight of 35 moose, (one weighs in around 1,500 pounds), but if that isn't enough of a thrill, you can take it outside. Strap into a saftey harness and walk around the five-foot-wide platform that lacks handrails and a sense of self preservation. Enjoy the view from 116 stories above the ground.

Coiling Dragon Cliff Walkway • China

Just five feet wide and glass-bottomed, the Coiling Dragon Cliff Walkway in China allows you to look 4,600 feet to the ground below from Hunan's Tianmen Mountain's cliff face. The walkway stretches on for 328 feet, and offers beautiful, unobstructed views of the surrounding natural scenery and plunging valley.

Machu Picchu • Peru

Ready yourself to reach new heights as you make the trek up to Machu Picchu, an impressive citadel tucked away in the mountains at a breathtaking 7,972 feet above sea level. While this isn't nearly as lofty as Peru's highest city, La Rinconada (16,732ft), Machu Picchu can still give travelers altitude sickness, so a 24-hour acclimatizing period is highly recommended, as well as sipping a cup of coca tea.

Jungfraujoch • Switzerland

Get really high on the cogwheel train in Switzerland by visiting the "Top of Europe." Jungfraujoch sits at an altitude of 11,332 feet and offers 360° panoramic views of the stunning, snowy wonderland that is also a UNSECO Natural World Heritage site. Take the lift another 383 feet to the Sphinx observatory, seek out other observation points from Bettmerhorn or Eggishorn, stop in at the beautiful Ice Palace, and snap photos of the mighty Grosser Aletsch glacier.

Mount Chimborazo • Ecuador

Take a trip to space, or as close as you can get to it on Earth, by hiking to the top of Mount Chimborazo! This stratovolcano is actually 1.5 miles higher than Everest because of the Earth's "slightly squashed" shape, making it the highest point, but a smaller mountain measured from sea level. Mount Chimborazo sits at 20,548 feet, however it measures a greater distance from the Earth's center to summit, making it higher, but only technically. It's also a much easier climb, averaging only two weeks compared to Everest's two months.

Mount Everest • Nepal

Renowned as the world's tallest mountain, Mount Everset measures a massive 29,029 feet above sea level. While the mountain itself straddles the boarder between Nepal and Tibet, it is most often scaled from Nepal's side. Many mountaineers take a flight from Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, to Lukla, where they acclimate to the new height, before trekking 10 days to Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet. Only after spending a little more time acclimating there is an attmept to reach the summit.

The Moon • Space

Elon Musk is becoming a household name for those following his scientific trajectory straight into stellar travel. Later this year, his plans to launch SpaceX will send two private citizens into space for a trip around the moon. Now that's seriously high.

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