Meet the Travelers!

By Caitlin Hornik

Have you paused to consider what kind of traveler you are?! See if you can spot these types of travelers on your next trip!

Adventure Enthusiasts

Adrenaline junkies. Thrill-seekers. Call them what you will but they all share a common trait: The need for adventure! Some travelers get their kicks from mountain hikes or safaris. Others prefer more daring activities, like bungee jumping or white water rafting. Adventure enthusiasts will always find a way to keep it fresh and exciting while traveling by trying new activities, taking risks, and living for the thrill of the moment. However you define the word “adventure,” there is a perfect vacation waiting for you!

Love Birds

Ah, the sweetness of love. Holding hands in front of the Eiffel Tower. Smooching on a beautiful Baja beach. Candlelit dinners in Rome. Love Birds have the ability to tune out the world around them while they travel. It’s almost as if no one else exists! They only have eyes for each other (except when they’re sharing a bowl of pasta a la Lady and the Tramp). Maybe this is you, or maybe this ignited a desire within you to book a romantic getaway. Grab your sweetheart and go share your love with the world!


Pizza in Italy. Baguettes in France. Paella in Spain. Is your mouth watering yet? You’re certainly not alone! The thrill of trying new foods motivates Foodie travelers. Dine on delicious dishes made with fresh, local ingredients and savor the tastes of a specific place. Foodies will visit local markets to see what in-season items vendors are selling, and perhaps even grab some spices to bring home! And, of course, don’t forget about the beverages that pair with these fabulous foods.


If you travel for love of literature, history, and/or to stimulate the mind, perhaps you’re an Intellectual Traveler! From museums to archaeological sites to historic buildings, you live for the intellectual aspect of the attractions you encounter while traveling. There is no destination too big or small, as long as there is something to be learned!


Selfie-snapping Millennials will travel anywhere, at any time. A weekend in Iceland? Sure! A Bali getaway with best friends? Totally. An impromptu Australian adventure? Um, yes please. Millennials prefer experiences over things. They believe in traveling while they’re young and uninhibited. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so they travel whenever they can to wherever their bank account deems appropriate. It’s no wonder they keep finding the newest, trendiest destinations!

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