Must-Try Food Halls Around the World

By Jessica Russo


What's a food hall, you ask? Think: a trendy food court filled with local vendors, city favorites, and chef-crafted eats. Like the one at the mall? Oh, honey, think again.

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Food halls are gastronomic powerhouses that blend the speed and convenience of fast-food with the freshness and innovation of high-end dining. They make the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a leisurely afternoon of sipping and sampling.

Visit these popular foodie-fantasylands around the world and find out why we're obsessed with the new food hall trend. Happy eating!

Photo by Instagram user @babags_camden

KERB Camden Market • London, England

A hotspot of funky foodie fun

Camden Market, London

Why we love it:

Ah, England - the birthplace of Shakespeare, The Beatles, shepherd's pie, and - food halls? You betcha. Whoever pegged London for having a less-than-exciting food scene obviously didn't know where to look. With a 34-vendor lineup dripping with flavor, KERB Camden Market is ready to prove all your doubts wrong.

Get the party started with a crisp craft beer and a "Cliff" burger from Burger & Beyond - brisket, pancetta bacon, and tarragon mayo? Say no more. A side of Oli Baba's halloumi fries? Of course. Glance at the guy next to you who's slurping up a steamy noodle pot from Hanoi Kitchen. Do you smell that? Peanuts, crispy shallots, honey garlic chicken - it might be a two-lunch kind of day. If KERB Camden leaves a good taste in your mouth, which it will, check out London's other favorite food halls: Boxpark in Shoreditch and Harrod's Food Hall (yes, it's in the department store).

Photo by Instagram user @londoncitycalling
Photo by Instagram user @urbanspacenyc

Urbanspace Vanderbilt • New York City, USA

Artisanal eats near Grand Central Terminal

East 45th & Vanderbilt Ave, New York, NY

Why we love this place:

Let's face it - New York can be overwhelming - especially if you're a foodie. There are so many "must-try" places; how can you possibly visit them all? Lucky for you, food halls like Urbanspace Vanderbilt have got you covered. One buzzing spot offering all of New York's most-raved-about eateries? Yes, please.

Located at the foot of spectacular Grand Central Terminal, Urbanspace Vanderbilt is every New Yorker's favorite lunch spot. Meander through a lively labyrinth of diverse flavors, shake hands with local chefs, and choose from over twenty innovative vendors! Whether it's a silky cappuccino from Toby's Estate paired with a melt-in-your mouth cookie from Ovenly, or a world-famous brick-oven pizza from Roberta's, you'll walk out of this place wanting to go right back in. Hungry for more? Check out the Big Apple's other favorite food halls: Chelsea Market in Manhattan and Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn.

Photo by Instagram user @markthalleneun

Markthalle Neun • Berlin, Germany

Hand-crafted happiness made to order

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, Berlin

Why we love this place:

Open since 1891, Markthalle Neun, or "Market Nine," continues to serve up tasty freshness in historic Kreuzberg Railway Station. Not only has it kept up old German market tradition, but it's also expanded and grown into a hip gastronomic arena! As you mosey through fragrant spices and sizzling scents, look up at sky-high ceilings, countless glass windows, and impressive beamed architecture.

Why not start off with a good ole' wurst and beer? For your next course, check our Berlin Beef Balls and see what all the rage is about! Of course, you'll have to try a few different kinds: classic Berlin, Indian with turmeric and cinnamon, Thai with lemongrass and coriander - oh, the choices! Finish off the day with a refreshing apple mint iced tea or self-pressed apple ginger ale from Apple on Tour!

Photo by Instagram user @markthalleneun
Photo by Instagram user @serendipity_kg

Markthal • Rotterdam, Netherlands

Food hall or art museum?

Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298

Why we love this place:

This unique foodie-fantasyland will sweep you off your feet from blocks away. What do we mean? Just look at it! The Markthal is a harmonious haven of good food and unique design - a feast for your eyes and your appetite. But, what is that giant structure, you ask? Apartments! This innovative housing complex is every Rotterdam resident's dream-home. It gives "going downstairs for breakfast" a whole new meaning.

As for the food - where do we begin? Satisfy your soul with fresh Sicilian pasta and an oaky glass of red wine. More in the mood for Greek? No problem! Oh, you said tapas? They have that, too. If you just want to go for a quick drink, don't worry; there's even a tea bar.

Photo by Instagram user @gobeyondholidays
Photo by Instagram user @artbyemma7847

Torvehallerne • Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark's the spot

Frederiksborggade 21, København K

Why we love this place:

Home to stands upon stands of goodies and groceries, Torvehallerne is where your local farmer's market meets your favorite trendy artisanal restaurant. From traditional Danish eats like porridge and fresh fish, to international fare like sushi and tapas, expect the unexpected at this bustling bazaar.

Taste the freshness of a crisp salad from Hahnemann's Kitchen, made with all raw organic ingredients, or bite into a crispy pizza from Grom's - a fan-favorite pizzeria. Before you leave, grab a classic fresh fish sandwich from Hallerne Smorrebrod!

Photo by Instagram user @torvehallernekbh
Photo by Instagram user @redheadacademic

Mercato Centrale • Florence, Italy

A palooza of pizza, pasta, and pesce

Via dell'Ariento, Firenze

Why we love this place:

Mangia, mangia! In Florence, the food is half the fun! Sure, the Renaissance-era sites are beautiful and the artwork is out-of-this-world, but we guarantee you that, even as you're climbing to the top of the Duomo, you'll be dreaming about your next scrumptious plate of pasta.

Luckily, this foodie playground is right in the center of the action. Just a 5-minute walk from the one and only Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, this food hall holds all the answers to your Italian cuisine prayers. You know you "need to try everything" in Italy, but how do you know you're trying the "right stuff?" As long as you hit Pasta Fresca, Le Carne e i Salumi, and La Pizzeria in Mercato Centrale, you're doing a-okay.

Pro-tip: Don't be afraid to go up the escalator! That's where all the magic happens. All dining vendors are on the second-floor. The first-floor (when open) serves as a produce market, and the outdoor market sells leather and souvenirs.

Photo by Instagram user @grandcentralmarketla

Grand Central Market • Los Angeles, USA

Taste your way through LA

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, California

Why we love this place:

Where else can you get an ooey-gooey egg sandwich from a place called "Eggslut?" And we don't mean any plain old egg sammie' - we're talkin' caramelized onions, sriracha mayo, hardwood smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese. Yum. If you're looking for authentic SoCal Mexican and Central American food, look no farther! Snack on some fried plaintains from Sarita's Pupuseria, savor the flavors of fresh ceviche from La Tostaderia, or grab some tasty tacos at Ana Maria.

Not only does this food hall serve up all the local LA favorites, it also offers up some Hollywood-approved entertainment. After your tummy is full, grab a drink and gear up for game night! Not feelin' competitive? How does an evening of jazz or a cooking class sound? This vibrant market is always cooking up something new.

Photo by Instagram user @grandcentralmarketla
Photo by Instagram user @mathallenoslo

Mathallen Food Hall • Oslo, Norway

High quality food from small-scale producers

Vulkan 5, Oslo

Why we love this place:

Visiting Norway? Mathallen is a must. This food hall boasts over sixty vendors, offering everything from pies and crepes to beer and bento. Weave through endless rows of just-caught seafood, hanging cured meats, bountiful cheeses, and bread that looks so crusty and soft you can taste it.

Snag some tapas from Atelier Asian Tapas, a Portuguese pastry from Andorinha, and a brew from Hopyard, then picnic out on the patio! If you want to stay indoors, check out The Square. This cool dining area allows everyone at your table to order from different vendors in Mathallen. Sit back, relax, and watch your table become a smorgasbord of deliciousness!

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