Fun Things to do in Delhi, India

By Bridget Castner

Delhi is one of the most historical and beautiful places in India that should be at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list.

We know it can be overwhelming to explore a new city and decide what places to visit, so we've compiled this list of some fun things to do in Delhi to create once-in-a-lifetime memories during your vacation to India.

Red Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Red Fort was built as the palace fort for the fifth Mughal Emperor of India. Standing at 75 feet tall, the beautiful red sandstone walls encompass ballrooms, balconies, lush gardens, and an opulent mosque. There are also baths and indoor canals to explore, as well as magnificent architecture both inside and outside. Wander through the grounds and lose yourself in one of India's most historic landmarks. The fort also hosts a light and sound show that takes you through the history of Delhi.

Old Delhi

Visit one of the oldest and most historical places in India: Old Delhi! If you love books, be sure to catch the Sunday Book Market that's filled with thousands of books placed along the pavement for you to rummage through. This city is brimming with old temples and mosques, so be sure to visit some of these historical places such as Jama Masjid or Digambar Jain Temple. Lastly, take some time to explore the shops and food of Old Delhi. Enter the symphony of market life when you visit Chandni Chowk. A feast for the senses, this is the place if you want authentic Indian food and a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Nehru Planetarium

Overflowing with information related to space and cosmology, the planetarium is a true gallery of the cosmos, making its visitors feel at one with the stars through sound and visuals. This planetarium is a playground for stargazers that's packed with cutting-edge telescopes, solar filters, and projectors that conjure nearly 2 million stars. Stop by the dome shaped Sky Theatre for videos and unique exhibits on the planets, constellations, and stars. Don't forget to marvel at the Soyuz T-10, which carried India's first gaganaut to space!

Indira Gandhi Museum

Once the home of India's only female Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, this museum showcases her life from birth up until her assassination in 1984. A collection of photographs hang on the walls highlighting the Prime Minister's life starting from her childhood days. The museum is dedicated to preserving her belongings, including the sarai she was wearing when she was assassinated. Her speeches filter through the garden via megaphone, and a sheet of clear glass marks the spot in the gardens where she was shot, blood stains still remaining there today. Frozen in time, most of the rooms in the museum are exactly how they were, offering a captivating glimpse into the Prime Minister's life.

Art lovers, this one's for you! With over 17,000 works by more than 2,000 artists from India and around the world, NGMA is one of the world's largest modern art museums. Explore the museum’s treasure trove of sculptures, paintings, and more that date back to colonial times. View collections such as Miniature Painting, Kalighat Painting, and Academic Realism during your visit.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Spread over 200 acres, this park consists of over 100 historical monuments. Visit sites like the Tomb of Balban, the Rajon ki Baoli stepwell, and the Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb. Admire the architecture of the remaining landmarks and marvel over the ruins of places that once were. Although this park is known for its incredible architecture, it's also surrounded by and filled with lush greenery. While you're here, don't miss the Lodhi-era tomb, the Mughal Tombs, or the Mahdi Mosque.

Khan Market

Established in 1951, Khan Market is a U-shaped emporium popular amongst locals and visitors. With everything from book shops, fashion boutiques, diverse restaurants, and more, there's something for everyone here. Foodies can indulge in the variety of cuisine options available, while fashion enthusiasts can revel in the shops that offer one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing inspired by Indian culture. With so many places to stop and shop, exploring the Khan Market is definitely one of the best things to do in Delhi.

Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park

One of the best amusement parks in India, Worlds of Wonder certainly lives up to its name. The park has a Teen Zone with rides for older kids and thrill seekers, La Fiesta which is dedicated to families with children, and a water park that spreads over 10 acres. There are a ton of restaurants and cafes with food ranging from spring rolls and masala fries to pizza slices. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the place to go!

Taj Mahal Day Trip

If you’ve got the time, visit one of the original seven Wonders of the World and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal. While it's 3.5 hours from Delhi, there are many tours available for those who want to visit this spectacular landmark. A love story etched in stone, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan poured his heart and soul into the white marble mausoleum as a tribute to his favorite wife. Travelers from all over the world visit the Taj Mahal each year to admire the architecture and interior design. So, if the Taj Mahal is on your travel bucket list, make sure you go during your trip to Delhi.

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