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Poets and dreamers from Europe have traveled to Prague, the Bohemian heartland, for centuries.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Discover Bohemia in the Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, still remains a very popular tourist destination alternative to Paris and Rome. Smaller and easier to travel around, Prague offers an astonishing array of picturesque baroque buildings and the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral overlooking the Vltava river.

Royal Family of Bohemia

Learn the history of the Czech Republic

For centuries, travelers to Prague have worshipped at the St. Vitus Cathedral which began construction in 1344. Many more travelers have visited the Cathedral to admire the wonderful views. Today, travelers to Czech Republic enjoy outdoor cafes to sit and admire Prague while exploring the history of where the Royal Family of Bohemia ruled. Many of the stories of this ancient city are told in the brilliant stained glass windows in these iconic church buildings.

Clip-Clop through Prague

Prague is equally as spectacular at night. Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage around the historic areas of Prague and see the magnificent Gothic churches lit up. As you cast your eyes to their spires that reach to the night sky, you will see stars and feel like you’re passing through a different world.

Experience Czech Republic Culture

Taste open street cooking in Prague.

Prague is famous for its delicious deserts. The sweet fruit dumplings and Trdelník, a cinnamon dessert, are sold from open windows along the Prague street. You’ll be able to smell the delicious sweet smell wafting through Prague! After you have eaten these scrumptious desserts, walk over the 600 year old Charles Bridge and watch the swans on the Vltava river! Along the way, you’ll be inclined to stop and listen to street musicians playing accordions and saxophones. What better way to embrace the local culture than to listen to the Czech ballads played by local musicians.

Enjoy your travels to Prague and the Czech Republic, where you’ll be enraptured in the Bohemian spirit.

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