Travel to Madrid in Spain

Travel to Madrid in Spainand discover the Moorish Influence on Spain. The inspiring Baroque architecture, Royal Palace and gardens are treasures of Europe.

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Madrid, Spain

Visit the impressive Royal Palace of Madrid

Madrid is simply a stunning city. The wide boulevards and leafy trees lining the Spanish baroque buildings give Madrid the grandeur of Paris combined with the Moorish influence. The top of your bucket list should definitely be a visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Italian influenced Spanish Baroque architecture in Madrid is clearly the city's defining feature. The most famous of the Spanish baroque buildings is the Royal Palace of Madrid, built in the 1700s and containing 3,418 rooms! Inside the Royal Palace is the Royal Armoury which has amazing full armour and weapons of soldiers, and steel plated horse armour used in battles dating back to the 13th Century. These shields are remarkable pieces of metal work and not to be missed.

Walk through the Royal Palace Gardens

The Campo del Moro Gardens which adjoin the Royal Palace are equally breathtaking. Beautifully manicured, travelers to Madrid can sit by the large fountains and view the palace. Be sure to also visit the Plaza de Oriente and Sabatini Gardens as well. The view of the Cervantes monument on the Square of Spain (Plaza de Espana) in summer time in Madrid, Spain is absolutely stunning. Madrid is a popular tourist destination of Europe.

Visit Spanish Museums

Learn the 15th Century Moorish history

Madrid’s Moorish influence can be seen as you visit the old Moorish quarter where 9th century Arabian ruins can be seen. As the Moors controlled much of Spain for many centuries until the 15th century, the distinctive Moorish experience is found in the food, architecture and culture. Madrid boasts some of the world's pre-eminent art galleries. The 7,000 paintings held in the Museo del Prado’s collection (although only around 1,500 are currently on display) are a visual history of Spain well worth seeing.

Along with architecture, food is such an integral part of your travels to Spain. Read more of our Travel Editors tips on their favorite Spanish restaurants.

Madrid's Sporting Culture

All of Madrid is football crazy, (the soccer version of football) and requires the traveler to know a little of the world famous Real Madrid Soccer Football team to converse with the locals! Celebrity players have included David Beckham, Raúl, Luís Figo, Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, and Roberto Carlos, among others. Visitors to Madrid enjoy the traditional bullfights and watch colorfully attired matadors in the stadium as they fight bulls who charge their red capes. The bullfighting season in Spain runs from March to October.

From museums, tapas bars, Moorish architecture and palaces, Madrid is the political and cultural capital of Spain. Read our travel editor's recommended travel guide to Madrid for more tips and ideas.

Enjoy your travels to Madrid in Spain and explore the nation's capital city.

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