Travel to Strasbourg in France

11 August 2017, 12:58 PM

Travel to Strasbourg to visit Petite France and see Gothic architecture. Located along the majestic Rhine River, the verdant green Strasbourg countryside will delight all for day trips to small country villages in France and across the neighboring border to Germany.

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Ponts Couverts, Strasbourg

Walk around these 13th Century Medieval bridges known as the Ponts Couverts and admire the four towers that defended this city from invading Germanic armies. Located on the far Eastern border to Germany, Strasboug is adjacent to the Rhine River and there are some spectacular views to be seen from around the town.

Strasbourg Water Channels

The Petite France District

An afternoon spent admiring the 16th century Tudor style wooden houses that line the water ways of Strasbourg can cast you back centuries. Imagine life in the 1700's with townsfolk living village life in what is known today as the Petite France District. Flower baskets line the water channels and the reflections will make for wonderful memories of Strasbourg.

Alcatian Dolls, Strasbourg

The region surrounding Strasbourg has, for centuries, been known to French and Germans as a center of excellence for craftsmen who meticulously create Alcatian dolls. The intricate lacing of hair and clothing into Alcatian dolls draws enthusiastic collectors to spend hours exploring the small shops that sell these timeless dolls.

The Strasbourg Cathedral

Built over 400 years until 1439, this superb example of Gothic architecture embodies both the French and German influences. Visit the thousands of figurines, stained glass windows, and if you can, climb the 142 metres spire to view astonishing views across the French and German borders. It is truly incredible to see the Rhine River from the spires of the Cathedral.

Enjoy your travels to Strasbourg in France on an expertly designed vacation.

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