Amazing Hidden Gems in Argentina

By Jessica Russo

Let's be real - when you hear "Argentina," you probably think of Buenos Aires, right? Don't worry, you're not alone. While Buenos Aires is a spirited hub of color and culture, there is so much more Argentina to see! Head to these Instagram-worthy secret spots and see the true beauty of Argentina.

General Carrera Lake

This iridescent blue lake stretches between Argentina and Chile, and is one of the most stunning bodies of water in the Patagonia region! On the Argentinian side, you might hear locals calling this lake "Lake Buenos Aires." Whatever you call it, this blue beauty is something special. Boasting marble caves and jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Andes Mountains, General Carrera Lake will not disappoint.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

Okay, okay - I know we said to explore outside of Buenos Aires, but this incredible bookstore deserves a shoutout. You don't have to be a bookworm to appreciate the beauty of this place. In fact, National Geographic named it the "word's most beautiful bookstore" in 2019! Housed in an old, magnificent theater, El Ateno Grand Splendid is a must-see.

The Valley of the Moon - Valle de la Luna

Also known as Ischigualasto Provincial Park, this otherworldly landscape will make you feel like you've landed on another planet. Explore the park's rugged trails, each offering different fauna, flora, fossils, and formations. Located just northwest of Córdoba, this desert oasis should be on your Argentina bucket-list.

Mount Fitz Roy

Just like General Carrera Lake, Mount Fitz Roy is nestled between Argentina and Chile in picturesque Patagonia. Stand in awe of this impressive mountain, coming in at over 11,000 feet in height! Whether you brave the slopes for a hike or just visit for a photo-op, Fitz Roy is a true spectacle.

Perito Moreno Glacier

This glacier is way more than just a giant ice cube. Located all the way down in UNESCO-recognized Los Glaciares National Park, this phenomenal natural wonder is well worth the trip. Covering a total of 100 square miles, this glacier is about 3 miles wide and rises a whopping 255 feet above Lake Argentino! Still not impressed? According to scientists, Perito Moreno is approximately 18,000-years-old! Visiting this jaw-dropping site means experiencing history and natural beauty.


This resort town is located on the Tierra del Fuego achipelago, the southernmost tip of South America! No wonder it's nicknamed the "End of the World..." Regardless of its nickname, Ushuaia is one of the liveliest towns in Argentina. A bustling port and adventure retreat, this town sits just below the Martial Mountains. Ushuaia is lined with steep streets of colorful restaurants, hotels, and shops, making it the perfect place for scenery and culture.


Nestled up north by the mountainous Bolivia border, you'll find the stunning city of Salta. Known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage, Salta boasts stunning cathedrals, fascinating museums, and vibrant plazas. The city revolves around Plaza 9 de Julio, an elegant, cafe-lined square surrounded by breathtaking neoclassical architecture.

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