What Fall Looks Like Around the World

By Michelle Yastremsky

As summer changes to fall, the world transforms into a canvas covered in colors ranging from crisp yellows to vibrant reds and sometimes even to picturesque purples.

Here are 11 photos of fall around the world to inspire vacation ideas – see if you can make it to the end without planning your next trip!

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Highlands • Scotland

Scotland was recently voted the world’s most beautiful country, and that beauty is even further enhanced when you throw the colors of fall into the mix! You can see the changing of the leaves in the cities, but it’s the Scottish countryside that really shines.

Prague • Czech Republic

The medieval charm of Prague is a sight to behold, especially during the fall! Take a walk across the charming Charles Bridge, stopping to take the perfect photo amidst the autumn leaves.

New York City • USA

New York City makes the perfect photo backdrop – especially when drenched in the colors of fall! Visit the city’s iconic Central Park to really experience the ultimate blend of beauty and man-made marvel.

Tuscany • Italy

Snake through Tuscany’s famous winding roads while surrounded by trees sporting crisp orange and yellow leaves. Fall is also the beginning of both the grape and olive harvesting time in Tuscany, as well as the first olive oil pressings of the season, so you can satisfy all your senses!

Kromlauer Park • Germany

While the incredible 19th century Rakotzbrucke Devil’s Bridge is usually the showstopper at this park in Germany, in this case it’s the colors of the season that really take this place above and beyond.

Kyoto • Japan

The grounds of Kyoto's Daigoji Temple become something out of a dream when sportings their autumn best.

Los Glaciares National Park • Argentina

The icy blues of Argentina’s beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier really pop when settled alongside Argentina’s muted colors of autumn. Keep in mind the Southern Hemisphere sees fall during the end of March – June, so plan accordingly.

Plitvice Lakes National Park • Croatia

If Croatia wasn’t on your bucket-list before, we’re sure it is now! From the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, to Dubrovnik being the filming site for King’s Landing, you’re sure to fall in love no matter what time of year you visit.

Kanchanaburi • Thailand

Visiting the temples, beaches, and floating markets of Thailand are a must, but don't forget the national parks! Explore Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai or Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi; you'll encounter rapid waterfalls, swimming caves, and natural beauty beyond your wildest dreams.

New England, USA

This northereastern region of the United States is known for its colonial charm and natural splendor. Explore lush forests, postcard-worthy hiking trails, and even historical monuments in this scenic wonderland.

Snowdonia • Wales

Wales is a land of natural beauty, old-world charm, and folklore. Follow the path of mysticism, then head to Snowdonia National Park for breathtaking views and natural splendor.

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