Meet the Statues of Budapest

By Michelle Yastremsky

Budapest’s creative spirit can be felt at every street, ruin pub, national monument, and of course: statue. Take a mini tour of this amazing city through the statues that call Budapest home - don’t forget to rub the Police Man’s belly for good luck!

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The Fat Policeman

Where to find it: Pest side, Zrinyi utca street

Budapest’s most famous statue greets visitors as they make their way to and from St. Stephen’s Basilica. When you encounter him, you’ll notice one particularly shiny body part: his big belly! This statue was gifted with his belly to signify hearty Hungarian cuisine; legend has it that rubbing his belly will give you good luck in love, so go ahead – give it a rub.

Roskovics Ignac

Where to find it: Pest side, along the river Danube, observing the Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Like visitors to Budapest, this artist is simply spending time observing the majestic Szechenyi Chain Bridge. Although he himself will never cross over and make it to the Buda side, he can observe from a distance, eternally working on his masterpiece.

The Little Princess

Where to find it: Pest Side, along the Danube river, sitting on the train barricade

Sitting serenely perched along the train tracks that hug the Danube River is a mysterious looking statue of a young princess. This statue was inspired by the sculptor’s daughter, who would dance around the garden wearing bathrobes and a paper crown. It is rumored that rubbing the princess’ knees will bring good luck and self-actualization – so be sure to pay her a visit on your next trip to Budapest.

Andras Hadik

Where to find it: Buda side, around the corner from Fisherman’s Bastion

This hero of the Hungary’s Seven Years’ War has been immortalized to honor the Hussars of Hungary. Walk or take the funicular up to the top of Buda Hill, where this soldier awaits. Like the Police Man, this statue also promises those who rub the horse’s low hanging fruit good luck – although it is now illegal, so rub at your own risk.

Man with Two Faces

Where to find: Pest side, in front of the Budapest Operetta-theater

For those with a taste for dramatics, the statue in front of Budapest’s opera house will call out to you. Here you see the duality of man; a skeleton with a rifle for a body holds the head of the opposing human body out in front of him.

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